Pat Niday’s effortless and confident stage presence makes longform look easy, but don’t think that it happened overnight. Pat has put in the work over the last 9 years, honing his craft as he’s made his way from middle school drama classes to the Level 4 instructor at The Improv Shop. The work,…

My cats are practiced in the art of Yoga. #ninjacats #spiritual

@puddingpudd can jump. (at Arnold, Missouri)

home away from home away from home #Arnold (at Cracker Barrel Meramec Bottom)

just maybe my new fav coffee shop. @struckbysteve @corieekay (at The Wolf)

Lego cave. there’s also the coolest Star Wars foozball table. yep.

Fortune cookies have not impressed me lately. #chineserants #comeoncookies @puddingpudd (at Mai Lee Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant)

Lookin Chinese with Demetrius from Demetrius and the Assholes at The Improv Shop. (at The Improv Shop)

my future patio will feel like a relaxing getaway destination. Houses in Arnold though, really… (at Cracker Barrel Meramec Bottom)

good words.