Cary Simowitz: Playwright. Genius. Partner in crime. Inspiration. Friend.

my buddy and partner in crime Cary Simowitz wrote an award winning play! It’s being read today at the fancy Wash U Black Box. You go, Currrray.

for days I crave the surf

The Drink Water initiative is such a simple yet effective idea to promote the healthier benefits of drinking water to athletes instead of promoting energy drinks. Not to mention saving the environment, and supporting those who do NOT have access to water through the selling of their merchandise. Check them out at

My future daughter and I, minus the godawful pants. @marielle918

Go green while ya get a work out in, Fonty peeps. Borrow a bike from Student Affairs for absolutely FREE now!

This kid is probably my new hero. #starwars @alanametz11

best buds.

"Let’s all sing Dave the most morose birthday song ever!" - Melanie Penn. #improvbirthdays #bestfriends #maudlinoclock #tearsofsadness (at The Improv Shop)

Sour puss.