Things I’ve missed from home. Hokkien Mee. 🍴🍜 (at Makansutra Gluttons Bay)

this is what actually happens when you take the shot. @leelailam (at Singapore Singapore)

My family believes in healthy living. Here’s a receipe for this disgustingly-good-for-you shot: Blend 1 whole lemon, a tablespoon of Turmeric and a thumb size of Ginger per shot. Each ingredient adds a specific health benefit. Drink this daily, and you’re gold. (at Singapore Singapore)


If you don’t know Bobby Jaycox, this message exchange will sum him up in a nutshell:

Me: Hey Bobby, would you be willing to do an interview for my blog?

Bobby: No fuck you.

Bobby: Damn auto correct. Yes I would love to.

Bobby is quick-witted and naturally funny. He’s a comedy all-star,…


I am only qualified to talk about two things: improv and dating. So it follows logically that when I know I won’t be able to discuss either subject (like on an elevator with a coworker), I go out of my way to avoid conversation.

I don’t know if this…let’s call it neurosis…is something other…

I love it @jayden_ia! For grandma and grandpa.

It’s that time again. Here’s me lookin like I’m about to die but way worth it! Thanks, @jayden_ia! (at Iron Age Tattoo)

Another rough sketch before commencing more Game of Thrones binge watching (at Corie’s Crib)

Newest kitty notebook and today’s drawing due to my latest GOTs obsession. Couldn’t fit all House animals on the page, sadly. (at Corie’s Crib)