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Bastian and Svetlana go to Brennan’s.

😻snugs as a bug in a rug

It’s Mally’s birthday this weekend! Happy birthday, love! Missing my baby boy and the family a ton today!

wise words outside my boss’ office



Stephen Baier, Nick Blackburn, Chris Dickey, Ryan Myers, Katie Brooking and Jessica Haley make up the members of St. Louis based band, Dots Not Feathers. Photo taken Bryan Sutter.

I first met Jessica Haley of Dots Not Feathers in the spring of 2013 in an Applied Theater class at Fontbonne…

I’m that nerd who buys her textbooks so she can keep them in her library for life. New fav class: environmental psych. @marielle918 would be proud (at Fontbonne University - Saint Louis)

Hurray new kitchen deco! a row of mixed drink recipes and the jolly Italian dude.

The next want on the list.